Today, people and data are more distributed than ever. In response, the network “center of gravity” is moving to carrier-neutral facilities that help to manage large amounts of traffic and data. Organizations of every size are taking advantage of these hybrid cloud environments, working with multiple providers as well as keeping some applications in the private data center. 
To meet this need, the NorthState Multi-Cloud Exchange (MCX) helps your organization extend its applications to users to support a range of consumption models. This creates a positive experience for users as they reach out to the desired app:
  • Securely manage the interactions of users and apps across multiple cloud environments (private, hybrid, and public, including SaaS providers)
  • Ensure optimal connectivity, security, speed, and agility across the cloud and data center(s)
  • Redundant cloud access points to ensure continuous uptime
  • Visibility into data and the ability to troubleshoot even in complex environments
  • Dynamically respond to new market, user, application, and business policy changes by deploying network services in minutes
  • Cost-effective service plans to suit your organization’s needs


Public cloud access can be expensive. Traditional carriers often require a different communications port for each cloud provider, such as Google, Amazon, or Azure – a cost that can quickly add up and tends to restrict users to the largest companies. NorthState, however, supports multiple cloud providers across the same subscribed bandwidth, providing a more affordable cloud option. And, unlike traditional providers, we augment our offering with a full suite of services, including security, Quality of Service, redundancy, dedicated connectivity, and management capabilities.


NorthState provides the security capabilities that allow your organization to administer a multi-cloud environment that meets a variety of business needs:
  • Ability to choose secure transport services to cloud providers independent of their capabilities
  • Optimized traffic engineering, path optimization, acceleration
  • Advanced next-generation firewall services
  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Advanced malware services
  • Enhanced telemetry and analytics

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Our MCX eliminates the complexity of cloud connectivity

Who We Are

NorthState Technology Solutions provides technology assurance – secure, reliable technology that businesses can count on – with client specific IT and data center solutions. Supported by SSAE 16 audited state of the art data centers with hybrid and multi-cloud solution support, NorthState Technology Solutions offers a 24/7 support team to serve its clients. In order to enable businesses to stay ahead of the challenges associated with digital transformation, NorthState Technology Solutions offers secure IT, managed and professional services including: