Today’s network users require fully available network services wherever they go. The NorthState Meraki as a Service (MaaS) solution offers an enterprise-grade capability configured to meet the needs of your business. 
Hosted in the Cisco Meraki Cloud, our solution allows you to offer security, switching, and wireless networking as part of your digitization strategy, without burdening in-house teams.
  • Immediate implementation and expansion of Wi-Fi, switching, and security to new sites
  • Help mobile and remote workers be as productive on the road as in the office
  • Leave the upgrades, patching, and maintenance to the Meraki Cloud and the NorthState Managed Services Team
  • Tiered service plans to suit your organization’s needs


NorthState offers a cloud-managed wireless network solution based on 802.11n/ac standards to oversee your network and assure robust signal coverage and superior performance even in the most high-density environments.
  • 24x7 monitoring and analysis of availability, utilization, and performance with four nines of uptime and real-time troubleshooting
  • Local help desks operated out of our state-of-the-art data centers
  • Stateful firewall, optional network access control (NAC), and device management to segregate and control access
  • Out-of-band cloud management
  • HIPAA-compliant and PCI Level 1 certified environments
  • Applications, security, and policies to support mobile devices


Meraki’s cloud-managed security is ideal for protecting distributed sites, campuses, and data center VPNs. Our experts provide a comprehensive suite of network services:
  • Software-defined WAN capabilities leveraging Meraki Auto-VPN
  • Application-based firewalling and traffic control
  • CIPA-compliant content filtering and safe-search enforcement
  • PCI-compliant IPS sensor using SNORT® signature database from Cisco Sourcefire
  • File reputation-based protection from Cisco Advanced Malware Protection
  • Web caching to accelerate frequently accessed content
  • 3G/4G cellular failover


NorthState’s managed Meraki switching solution provides performance, true zero-touch cloud provisioning, network visibility, and remote troubleshooting to deployments of any size.
  • Simplified cloud management and Deep Layer 7 visibility and control of the network
  • Virtual Switch Stack to unify management of thousands of ports
  • Control of security, power, and voice over IP from an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Automatic topologic maps for intelligent visibility into network interconnects
  • Integrated tools to perform live packet captures and cable tests


Our online analytics dashboard provides a user-friendly interface for real-time data and analytics reporting:
  • Access to analytics and reporting from connected and unconnected devices across sites
  • Better data to support decisions on staffing, interior designs, or employee and BYOD policies
  • Understand behavioral trends to drive revenue or improve operational efficiency
  • Drive user engagements by integrating with existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Search for and locate users by device type (iPad, Android, PC, etc.) across multiple sites with Google Maps

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Who We Are

NorthState Technology Solutions provides technology assurance – secure, reliable technology that businesses can count on – with client specific IT and data center solutions. Supported by SSAE 16 audited state of the art data centers with hybrid and multi-cloud solution support, NorthState Technology Solutions offers a 24/7 support team to serve its clients. In order to enable businesses to stay ahead of the challenges associated with digital transformation, NorthState Technology Solutions offers secure IT, managed and professional services including: