Assuring the security of today's applications includes being able to find, repair, and prevent vulnerabilities throughout each app's lifecycle - from design and development to deployment, upgrades, and maintenance. Security testing encompasses measures to improve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your web applications.

Failing to clearly define, document, and communicate management expectations through such testing creates a risk that can lead to investment loss, lack of compliance, inadequate or inefficient solutions, loss of customers, and damage to your company's reputation. The NorthState Technology Solutions Web Security solution helps you to assess your security posture and plan investments to maximize application ROI.
Specifically, we:
  • Provide resources and skills
  • Leverage existing processes to maturity without reinvention
  • Engage with internal subject matter experts to fit with organization culture
  • Provide actionable recommendations
  • Engage in solution development and deployment
  • Guarantee results

Three Web Application Services: What You Get

Thanks to NorthState Technology Solutions' best-in-class engineers, who hold 17 advanced specializations and certifications, we help you to define metrics for decision makers and operations teams to plan and prioritize investments. This is accomplished through three types of services:
  • Penetration Testing: Our experts perform an authorized simulated attack on your business applications and access controls to evaluate system security
  • Risk Assessment: In-depth reviews of potential adversaries, controls, and disaster scenarios, as well as opportunities for sensitive data loss
  • Consultation: Planning, design, and architecting of overall applications to create a system secured from the backbone to the mobile client

NorthState Technology Solutions backs all assessments with a 100% money-back guarantee for the scope of work.

Web Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing (or pen testing) is a specialized skill that requires discipline and creativity. Adversaries are continuously developing new techniques and tactics to abuse web applications and the businesses that use them, and it takes a focused specialist to keep up with the trends and provide security assurance.

Web app pen testing is customized to your environment but always includes a search for the OWASP Top 10 Web Vulnerabilities (SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting and Request Forgeries, etc.). Automated and manual tests seek to circumvent workflow controls and bypass user role limitations, addressing many “what if” scenarios that other organizations do not consider. For example, can your customers get an item shipped before paying or can standard users access administrative privileges?

Risk Assessment

Implementing and maintaining an effective and resilient control and risk management environment must address constraints and continuous change. Web developers are all too often under pressure to deliver dynamic functionality within tight deadlines. Security requirements may be “bolted on” at the last minute instead of “baked in.” This can lead to unanticipated issues, such as hackers uncovering personal information of other customers or compromising the system with a SQL injection vulnerability. Risk assessments include intensive interviews with employees to identify potential attack vectors and assess controls to prevent or detect these attacks.


Our consultants also help you to plan and deploy web applications across your organization - from the backbone to the smartphone - with a full suite of information security architecture services. This methodology includes delivering inventory and assessment of existing controls, engaging with your subject matter experts, mapping to industry best practices (e.g. CIS, ISO, HITRUST, NIST, etc.), documenting findings and recommendations, and following up. Unlike other companies, NorthState Technology Solutions not only proves exploitability, but acts as a consultant to show your team how to prevent the problem from happening again.

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